The Water Chronicles
The chronicles start with a vision of the earth’s future from the year 2020, as the water elemental arises from the depths to guide the Childs’ children towards salvation.



The Air Chronicles
The next generation of the Childs’ children appeal to the air elemental, in the spirit of hope for the survival of the earth.

Aether Chronicle


The Aether Chronicles
All generations of the Childs’ children have to come together, to find the Fifth Elemental to salvage the earth for and from themselves.

Earth Chronicle


The Earth Chronicles
The sustenance of life is at threat, as the earth elemental earths itself against the human onslaught. Yet again another generation of the Childs children have to intervene to save the earth.

Fire Chronicle


The Fire Chronicles
The latest generation of the Childs’ children blaze a trail to stop the Fire elemental being destroyed.

20 20 Vision Book


20 20 VISION – BOOK 1

When leading environmentalist Rose Childs disappears and is presumed dead, her five children, a colourful mix of nationalities and personalities, refuse to believe it. They vow to find her and help realise her dream of saving the planet with her and their father’s groundbreaking Ecorezen project. But they aren’t the only ones who want to find her. The diabolical Prince of Swords has his own reasons for wanting Rose Childs out of the way – and he has a lot of dirty tricks up his sleeve.

As Carrie, Piglet, Poppy, Buck and Kallan navigate their way around the Atlantic rim, making use of the unique gifts they unlock within themselves on the way, can they get to Rose in time and also protect the world from greed and destruction? One thing is clear: this is only the beginning.

20 20 Vision is the first book in the Water Chronicles and is a thrilling voyage across the globe with an environmental theme.

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Bee 52 – Book 2


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