Bound to an island in the Canaries after their adventures across Europe as they try to find their missing mother and adopted sister, the Childs children now have a battle to save their trusty bodyguard, Jurgen, who has been struck down by an unusual virus ravaging the unfortunate citizens, a result of experimental medical treatments using animal organs and DNA. But finding a cure is big business, and the Childs family aren’t the only people desperate to stop the outbreak. Wilson, their dogged pursuer, has his own reasons for wanting the cure – and his methods are much less scrupulous. But those who have been infected are rapidly forming their own civilisation – as powerful animal-human hybrids. But all of that could be cut short as the world considers a drastic plan to rid the world of the new ‘mutants’, cover up the infection and eliminate the virus: destroy them all.

Can the Childs children escape the island and find a way to save Jurgen and the rest of the island’s inhabitants? And will Jurgen even want to be saved? Join the Childs family for another rip-roaring adventure across the high seas as they try to solve the mystery of their missing mother and save the planet in the process.