The Childs family are in mourning. But they have little time for their grief, as the discovery of a woman’s body in the pond at the Childs residence sees their father, World Environmental Premier Thornton Childs, being led away by police under the suspicion of murder. But who is the mystery woman? And how did she end up there? The Childs children know their father isn’t to blame – and they have a suspicion who is. And if their father is to keep his role and see through the ambitious project to save the planet, they need to prove it. But things are never that straightforward, especially now an army of human-animal hybrids is in the mix – and visionary Kallan has seen a terrifying future if bodyguard Jurgen becomes their leader, as the powerful new ‘mutants’ are desperate for him to do.

As the Childs children close in on discovering the truth about their missing mother, Rose, they must also evade their determined – and now even more powerful – pursuer and deal with the grief at losing one of their own. And in a strange twist of fate, instead of saving the whales, the whales just might save them.