What do you get if you take an eclectic bunch of children with unique talents (some might say ‘powers’), a missing parent, a dastardly criminal hellbent on their destruction, and an ambitious plan to save the planet?

The Water Chronicles is an action-packed adventure for older children and adults, spanning the globe as the wonderfully dysfunctional Childs family attempt to find their missing mother, evade capture, explore their own burgeoning talents, and, of course, save the world from climate change. From their home on an island by the Thames to France, Spain, Canada and Africa, the quirky bunch encounter talking plants, mutant humans, giant masked bees, malevolent criminals and a slightly unusual aunt with skeletons in her closet, using their plethora of unique gifts to help them make their way across the globe to solve the mystery of their missing mother and save the planet along the way.

If you like exciting stories bursting with imagination and quirky characters, the four novels in the Water Chronicles are for you. Follow the globe-trotting Childs family as they find themselves – and each other – in more ways than one. And all with a sense of humour and a thirst for the truth. Saving the planet never looked this much fun!